Twmmy(The Artist)

Twmmy (Thomas P. Albanidis) is a greek artist, singer, and music producer. He was born in 14th of May 2002 (17 years old) in Komotini,Greece.


  Twmmy released a new single named Advices. It was the first single of his upcoming 2020 album and charted at #2. Personal was the second single of his upcoming 2020 album “Personal”. The single debuted at #11 and was included by a lot of playlists. In December 20 , Twmmy released Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree (Dance Version) as a Christmas single produced by Kostas Gotosidis. The song first charted at #13 but til the end of the week rised to #10. Twmmy post the promotional shots of PERSONAL (the 2020 album) writing; “I don’t see this album as another one project. I feel a special bond with the songs, the artwork, the process itself... even the titles mean something to me. Every song is a story. Mostly a love story. Others are about friendships. Relationships in general. Lyrics that I wrote in moments of darkness. Like, I remember crying over a piece of paper trying to write my soul down”. At the first day of 2020, Twmmy announced that "Ask Me Why" would be the third single. The single is set for release on February 7, 2020. 


 Twmmy, was interested in arts from a really young age. In the age of 10 he started theatrical lessons and in the time of 2014-17 he did 4 theatrical shows with the last one (in 2017) going double time sold out in the largest theater of Komotini,Greece. After that, he started listening to music and make his own. In the earliest of 2017 he decided to work on music covers of others songs. Now (2017-2020) he is releasing new music while working on his first ever official album.